Featuring: Nelly Agassi, Dave Beech, Andy Hewitt & Mel Jordan ( FREEE) Matt Crawley, Harry Meadley & David Steans ( Leeds Weirdo Club), Megan Daalder, David Horvitz, Antti Laitinen, Giancarlo Norese & Euan Taylor ‘FORM: PERFORM: REFORM’ is an exhibition in three parts.
This means our gallery spaces have been divided loosely into containers for these three ideas. What links these spaces is the motif of creating an identity by the act of mimicking someone, or something, else.
‘FORM’ is a part of the whole which looks at ways in which artists adopt different organisational models to frame their practice within.
‘PERFORM’ looks at the ways in which artists work into their identity a sense of self-mythologizing, or storytelling related to the cultural expectations of art or artists.
‘REFORM’, is both related to the notion of FORM and PERFORM, by realizing that discourse shapes the reception of these approaches, whilst also explicitly referring to the projected future of the space ( GENERATORprojects) that the exhibition takes places within.
As part of the exhibition, we created a hand-out in 4 parts ( one general introduction, and three separate parts which relate to each section of the title)
These have been designed by Nicola Prosser, and feature writing from the Ideological Realignment Bureau, and the GENERATORcommittee:


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