We are delighted to make Miriam Mallalieu our Member’s Spotlight for October 2017.

“My work is an attempt to restructure the meaningless. It is usually sculptural monuments to the ordering of material: things are arranged, they are placed into sequence and they are observed. Often the material is fragments or remains: paper, spiderwebs, dead insects, dust, bits of rag. They are placed into frames or boxes, elevated into inscrutable objects of importance…

…My art practice explores the idea of ‘making sense’. I am interested in what knowledge is and how things are understood, looking specifically at methods of catalogue, organisation, archiving and curation, and significantly, the structures of power that this knowledge creates and upholds. 

My work explores the conflict within organisation: to order things in one way is to disorder them in another. I am interested in the subversion of ideas of truth, and exploration of alternative understands in art of time, linearity and logic…

…This installation is comprised of a collection of images, collated from those included in the Encyclopedia Brittanica (1948). In a sense, they display an image of the world as conceived at that point, but more than that, they show a vision of the future – a utopic vision of industry, skyscrapers and commerce. They expose a bias in ‘knowledge’, one focused on the life of suited, white, western males. There is an inexplicable quantity of colour photographs of dogs, but very few photographs of women. It is a collection of images that does not show the world as it is seen, but dictates the world as it thinks it should be seen, as a capitalist, white supremacist patriarchy. Knowledge is power. ”

  • Charity No. SC025493