“Film like the mind, is complex, layered and galvanizing. My main body of work comprises of films using what I call the “multi-image”. This is when more than one shot, frame or image is displayed simultaneously. The techniques used involve intricate layering, split-screens and double exposures. I do this to explore subjects that deserve methods as complex as their themes. Whether this be the simultaneous nature of the quantum world, the multi-faceted political landscape or the kaleidoscopic universe of the human mind, I love to play with form as a metaphor for content. I also do this as I feel film is currently limited in the mainstream, and so I like to bring in multi-medium elements, adding installation and painted aspects to my work, bringing a spontaneous nature to the precisely edited films.


Chris is currently working on two projects; writing a history of the Multi-image at the University of Dundee and a film/painting installation playing with the ideas of choice, ‘many worlds’ and multiple perspectives. This project, 12d, will be on display in the DCA Centrespace from the 17th-28th April.





  • Charity No. SC025493