Take Over slots are an opportunity for members to take charge of the galleries and stage short exhibitions and events. This is a chance to use the galleries without the usual rigmaroles of the curatorial process, just the thing if you need a public space to test an exhibition idea.

If you have a proposal for a short exhibition or just a one off event, please send it to us,  and we will do our best to accommodate. Please limit proposals to 500 words and not more than six images.

Those who can be accommodated at this time should complete all install, openings, events, and deinstall within 8 days. Unfortunately, this is not a funded opportunity.

All proposals should be sent to:

GENERATOR invites all members to submit reviews of our current and upcoming shows which will be featured on the GENERATOR blog. This is an opportunity to showcase a piece of your writing, share opinions and open up discussion around the work displayed in our current programme.

All submissions should be sent to:

As always, we greatly appreciate help in the invigilation of our exhibitions. Please get in contact if this is something you’d be interested in. If you do a full day (12-5pm) you will receive a £5 subsidy to cover your lunch!

We encourage members to make use of the collective space to host events such as discussions, workshops or film screenings. It can also be a crit space to discuss your own work for feedback. Please see the Collective Space form here or contact the committee with Collective Space in the subject field.

ASSOCIATE COMMITTEE                                                                                                                          If you have a greater interest in being a part of the GENERATORprojects team but can’t dedicate the time needed to be in the committee (or are still studying) consider being a part of our Associate team! This works out to be on average 8 hours of work a week, assisting in areas of the charity that interest you the most.

All notes of interest should be sent to: