Names: Do you want to be Jonathan and Sarah or DUO or…?
DEADLINE: Midnight Wednesday 15th October 2014
The next performingNOW! will be a little different. It will take place as a fringe event to GENERATOR’s next exhibition, ‘VIEW’, on Saturday 25th October 2014. Although there is the potential for durational works, the majority of works will be programmed for the afternoon, in the city centre (timings to be confirmed) and will consist of a mixture of invited artists and responses to this open call.

This event will aim to consider the city as an inhabited site and question what types of support structures are required within it, this could refer to the physicality of the buildings, roads etc in the city, the social and/or political structures in place which may or may not support the people or the interpersonal and psychological structures which allow us to function (or not) in such a place.

As this event will take place in the city centre, we are asking for performances which respond to the city, relate to the themes outlined above and do not have any technical requirements. This will be an outdoor event and you are welcome to respond to any space within Dundee city centre (there may be scope to find indoor spaces if essential but we encourage outdoor works due to time constraints for organisation). We will also go ahead with the event in all weathers (within reason) and as usual the curation of the event will be shaped by the proposals we receive.

We have a modest budget to help cover transport costs if needed and will provide lunch for all participating artists prior to the event.

To submit please email with a short description of your performance including duration and intended location within Dundee city centre.
Copy: Would you be able to send me a small section of writing on your practices/DUO and a description of the work? It may be that this is edited for the handout/marketing material – do you give me permission to do this?

Image: One image that can be used if requested by press.