My work tends to be populated with image fragments affiliated with the fictive and historical rise and fall of empire. The use and abuse of power has surfaced as an expressive emphasis. Imagery harvested from the dystopian worlds offered by sci-fi cinema has been used as an analogy for the world I apprehend in the day-to-day, through broadcast sources. An on-going interest in digital culture(s), advertising and social media platforms has informed the subject matter I composite as painted layers. In a content economy where crass celebrity culture trumps hard news stories; the collisions of information I stage in recent paintings, flirt with the convoluted priorities normalised in social media channels. I am beginning to associate “lag” with positive attributes like the time to reflect (through painting), in opposition to the more normative, technological shorthand for a deficit in functionality.

Progressively my work has become inclined toward existential issues articulated through the language of literary fiction and cinema. My current output tends to quote liberally from both canons, in an ongoing endeavour to define what it is to be human.