Curating memories of emotional and physical experience in relation to my body I seek to offer these confused moments as I remember them: overlapped, blended and inexact. Processing things I struggle to verbalise, I substitute sticky words with sticky images. I am in conversation with myself. These illustrations of bodily relationships are born from my own attempts to understand my body’s fragile and shifting position in society and how our physical experiences and the visual culture of our surroundings shape the way we view ourselves as we battle sexual objectification and the commodification of our post-pubescent bodies. Navigating imagery with an awareness of the influence of the male gaze on imagery present in our everyday visual culture. My methods of creation are playful and intuitive; a process of collection, curation and problem-solving. I strive to create a space reflective of how I feel and experience the world. There is a catharsis in the construction of space for yourself, no matter how temporary this space is. I see my practice as seeking the creation of space which holds familiarity but also allows you to face and discuss the uncomfortable.

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