My practice concerns the iconography of instruction and accident which occupies the built environment. We are surrounded by a visual language that refers to the violent potential of mundane urban experience. I appropriate the instructional imagery and text of public signage, architecture, news and advertisement in order to create graphic compositions. There is an expectation to be informed and directed by these systems of iconography. These works instead contest the informative and authoritarian tone of the subject matter. Image and text are put through processes of reproduction, cut up, resized and reoriented. In this collision of typography and found image, the instructional intent is disrupted and any direct meaning is lost. In its place an exploration of repetition and form emerges. This investigation is based in an extensive printmaking practice. Print-based media holds significance as a vehicle for the mass distribution of information, particularly news and advertisement. Screen-printing facilitates my ad-hoc approach to image-making. I am interested in the intermediate materials of the printmaking process and the use of unconventional surfaces for the printed image. Surface materials are often unrefined and improvisational in contrast to utilitarian iconography and text.