I was born in a utopia long forgotten. By comparing political systems, I want to create discussion, debate, thinking: 

In a positive affirmation to a new idea, not to an ancient ideology or run-down exploited version of what neoliberalist flows are searching for.

I am a collector of ideas, relics from yesterday, souvenirs from a century past. I question our ideals of beauty and belonging.

I look at the atrocities of the Holocaust over and over again and am interested in the impact of cold-blooded militarism on the societies it affects.

I am interested in cultures and the ways in which they are made to fit the capitalist matrix and what that means for the societies and the people then.

I am nostalgic for Soviet Russia and the myths that were common at that time.

I want to question the ideal and idyllic image we have of a happy place that was prevalent in the 1930s and build a utopia by hand which is more close to humanity and the body than the present one. Without wanting to speed up globalized conformity, I want to express values and start debate.