I see my art practice as a way of filtering my experiences of everyday life. I try to always be sensitive and responsive to my environment; embracing the circumstances and utilising the materials to hand. This often leads to a lo-fi yet optimistic presentation of ideas. My work is a process of collecting, examining and displaying artefacts (films, objects, gestures, language, etc.) gathered from ordinary circumstances. The curatorial elements are made semi-performative in order to convey the trivial decisions that are made to the audience. Recent projects have culminated in ‘one off’ participatory events, such as the Power Point Presentation Club and the Orange Juice Club. I have been attempting to navigate where the work lies and how to display it. Is it in the planning, the event or in the documentation? Presenting evi-dence of something that has already happened may leave the audience feeling excluded, or nos-talgic for something they didn’t experience. Do these art school events or objects propose any ideas that could make an impact in the ‘real’ world? I think that making do with what you have, finding beauty in the mundane and collaborat-ing with others might just be the tools I will need in the future, if I want to keep on going.

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