Repeat after me/ Easels act as tools of support to their artists and have great human presence. Within the art school they migrate year on year building up layers of paint made by the students who use them. This accidental temporal collaboration is explored through a presentation of my body of work./ The repetition of countless students going through the art school experience every 4 years is investigated through a series of paintings, making reference to the Droste affect, where an image or repeated within itself, presumably infinitely./ The significance of degree show within the career of an artist is of such pivotal importance that conceptually my work is in essence site specific, both in location and in time. I see it as a launching pad into the unknown, and wonder how many degree show pieces were created on the easels I now work with./ The surface build up of paint and other media, specifically on the easel cross bars, is examined as they are re-presented to their audience not as tools, but as sculptural paintings./ I re-introduce these as ongoing collaborative paintings made by students of the art school, past and present. Alumni who wish to have their name added to this “list of collaborators” are encouraged to contact me.

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