The mediated images and messages that we see in the media offer but a single point of
view and fragmentary information about the issues facing our society at macro or micro
level. For me, such mediated image becomes a start of a journey to explore,
comprehend and visualise my thoughts, fears and desires.

In my works I try to confront injustice and suffering, providing commentaries on recent
conflicts and personal experiences and challenging audiences to encounter their
complex political meaning and discover their multitude of narratives and layers.
The oil paint, print, photography and sculpture are integral to my creative endeavours
and whilst at times it is the process that dictates the final image, it is most often the
impulse, that irresistible urge to respond to an event or political stance, that drives the

The mix of my cultural influences means that often my work becomes my language, a
clearer way to internalise what is going on, to voice my concerns, to engage with the
issues that face our society and affect us all.

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