Weegie born, Dundee based.

I work predominantly in collage, text and print-making; unpicking the assumed roles of women in society, often referencing the LGBT community. These un-pickings begin from popular culture and make use of humor as a tactic of disarmament, drawing attention to the stereotyping and mundanities of everyday life. Recent research and projects have focused on the influence of war time Britain on the changing roles of women at work, with specific reference to four factors: political, physical, industrial and domestic.

My choice of hands-on modes of production reflects the labor-focused context whilst referencing the lo-fi, cut and paste aesthetic of the punk Riot Grrrl movement and the DIY ethics of zines such as Girl Germs, Joanie4Jackie and the See Red Womens workshop collective. By continuing these modes of production to create artworks in the format of zines, posters and badges, ensuring that these politically-critical artworks are accessible in and beyond a gallery context.

​Since March 2016 I have run Chainworks Studios, which hosts a varied collective of visual artists and makers in the east of Dundee.  I am one half of Dundee Zine Fest and I teach Art and Design at Glasgow Clyde College.

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