Exploring the vast coastline, discovering ancient stone carvings and learning the rules of life whilst working hard on a farm, a boat,  shepherding and picking tatties.
However, growing up as a girl, in a religious Northern village certain things were expected of you. I however, did not agree.

​From a young age I thought women deserved more, they were not cleaners, nannies and cooks. They were incredible, strong role models.
Freedom of life, of opinions and love are high on my agenda of important things. These tend to be the topics of my art.

I am not afraid to rebel against what something ‘should be’ as I have already escaped the clutches of expectations. Instead I want  to use my art to push the boundaries of these boxes of life. What if I do it like this? Or like this? What will happen if I do this with it? Although this is something that appears regularly in art and society, my voice is important too.

I have used many different mediums to convey emotions, memories and civic pride.

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