Hello, my name is Laura Porteous and I am a 3 rd year fine art student at DJCAD. I
have a mutli-medium practice background and I am all about trying new things when
it comes to creating.

My artwork is inspired primarily by the calming nature of water and its ability to leave
lasting impressions, both physical and mental. Each piece aims to inform the viewer
of my permanent connection to water, creating pieces that are inspired by all aspects
of water.

In every aspect of my life water appears to always be there. Throughout my
childhood life I grew up beside water, it became part of my life and now I am an adult
I it is part of my life in a different way.

As a constant grounding force in my life, I wanted to demonstrate the soothing power
the oceans can have.

The artwork will allow viewers to reflect on their own connections to water and let go
of any feelings of anxiousness or self-doubt. The mixed mediums used provided the
opportunity for experimentation to find the most suitable for the project, as each have
a variety of applications.

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