We do ‘not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness
conscious’ (Carl Jung)

I use painting, printing, poetry, music, video, sound and performance to explore betrayal, the
shadow archetype and projection as understood in Jungian psychology while also trying to keep
my holistic and environmental concerns in mind. I scrutinize our shallow understanding of
sexual desire and betrayal within a western, monogamous cultural framework and the
surrounding shame that prohibits open discussion of this embarrassing subject, by visualising
the individual stripped down to their body parts in a state of arousal. As a species forever in our
heads, I try to use some humour to depict us, in all our raw and exposed animal glory to
encourage questioning of our current sexual script.

With allusions to artists like Carroll Dunham, Monster Chetwynd, Laurie Anderson and Cleon
Peterson I demonstrate that we are constantly being shaken into frenzied states of desire, hate
and revenge, by our shadows. Drawing on my own experience of family betrayal, sexual desire,
a house fire and their interconnectedness, I delve into what I believe, is the darkness that lies
behind all judgment, racism, homophobia, betrayal, violence etc. All the shameful, and
therefore, repressed elements of the self which we wish to hide from the world; we project
onto others. I attempt to show that if we don’t learn to recognise this shadow and incorporate
it consciously into our personalities, then it can assume control over our behaviour with
sometimes devastating consequences.

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