Artist based in Dundee, Scotland who works with a variety of media from drawings, sculpture, video and performance. Graduated from Aberdeen’s Grays School of Art in 2016 with BA (Hons) in Contemporary Art Practice and have went on to produce and exhibit in various group exhibitions through Scotland. In 2018 a video work was included in ‘SIMPLY BEAMING’ arts festival which showcased various Scottish video artists in Hokkaido, Japan. Was a founding member of the SPAM Art Collective which was founded in 2016.

My practice is formed by investigation into the social pressures which formulate our decisions in life. Influenced by my own personal issues with anxiety and depression I aim to create a visual understanding as to how certain habits are nourished in the expense of not only my own personal wellbeing but the wellbeing of others. The investigation has allowed me to understand the use of humour in my practice as a notion to ‘cover up’ my issues via prototypical toxic masculinity. Despite the connotations linked with using humour to deflect negative issues, it has become a foundation of my practice as it allows a gateway for communication as it breaks down barriers. As I break down these barriers of my own psyche, I hope it allows others to let down their guard and open theirs for the better.

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