GENERATORprojects would like to invite you to to participate in our Annual General Meeting and join us in celebrating our 20th birthday on Wednesday the 22nd of June @ 6pm. We will be serving a selection of refreshments including fizz and birthday cake. Come along and join in the fun!

We will begin the evening with our Annual General Meeting which is a chance for the GENERATORcommittee to liaise with our members. We will summarise the exhibitions and opportunities Generator has made possible over the past 12 months and report on our plans for the coming year and the development of the Collective Space.

The AGM is open to all members and stakeholders of Generator and we will be welcoming your feedback on direction of the collective.

All decisions are made through a voting system, which is taken on a show of hands: a simple majority decision with the casting vote made by the Chairperson.

1. Chairperson’s Welcome and Annual Report

2. Treasurer’s Report / Audited Financial Statement

3. Election of Committee

4. Change in Charity Status Update

5. Collective Space programming

6. Opportunities

7. Future Programming 2016-2017

8. Q&A

9. Party

We encourage all of our members to RSVP with their attendance or apologies by emailing us at mail@generatorprojects.co.uk.

We look forward to seeing you there to bring in the celebrations.