GENERATORprojects proudly presents ‘a constellation is forming here’ an exhibition of new works by Brodie Sim and Linda Bolsakova.


Preview: 7th of April 7pm-9pm
Show Runs: 8th of April to 30th of April
GENERATORprojects is open Thurs- Sun 12-5

Through careful consideration of materials for their conductive and tonal qualities and taking influence from the natural world, Sim and Bolsakova explore the poetic and material resonance between each other’s practice and the intangible moments of fragmented connection. Finding solace in liminality, their work creates a meditative space for contemplation.

Latvian born, Dundee based artist, Linda Bolsakova’s creative and philosophical practice focuses on our relationship with the environment and its processes. She is exploring connections- that feeling of being connected with something or someone. Like the moon pulling on the sea.

By working together with different materials Linda creates meditative spaces for contemplation and interaction. Her work is inspired by personal experience, physics and process philosophy.

Although the work is sculptural, in practice it functions more like a haiku. There is a simplicity and directness of the material expression that invokes an aspect of nature and time- a haiku in 3D.

Linda Bolsakova graduated from Duncan of Jordansone College of Art in 2016, she has since worked as an intern at Deveron Projects, exhibited at Embassy Gallery, and completed a residency at Scottish Sculpture Workshop.

Brodie works primarily in sculpture, photography and text. Her work is a form of translation; transcending materiality through a casting process she attempts to definitively capture subtle reverberations in the objects she produces.

Her research is focused around the notion of the moment, in which intangibility, the abstract, fragmentation, subtlety and tactility, are all tuned to same tonal value.

Through material dissection and the photographic lense, Sim employs both personal and poetic narrative that mimics the subtle reverberations in the objects she produces, sometimes as irrational as the feelings she is trying to name.

Brodie Sim is a studio holder at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and works as a programme assistant at the Common Guild in Glasgow, she graduated from Edinburgh School of Art in 2013.

See below for a link to the discussion with Brodie and Linda in the Skinny. Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday for pink cocktails and tranquil harp music by Seonaid Birse.…/brodie-sim-linda-bolsakova-gen…