GENERATORprojects proudly presents A Hidden Record

A project by Peter Amoore with Valerie Norris and Lauren Printy Currie; Alex Millar and Viki Mladenovski as part of the current archival residency programme.

Preview: Friday the 5th of May @ 7pm

Continues: 6th-7th May 12-5pm

Invited to respond to GENERATORprojects’ archive, that documents twenty years of artist led activity, Peter, Alex and Viki present three projects of new work focusing on themes of language, abstraction and anonymity found in the documents of past exhibitions and events.

In the duo show, I take into my arms more than I can bear to hold, by Lauren Printy Currie and Valerie Norris, the artist’s practices sat in parallel, their respective works coexisted in the gallery alongside a collaborative installation of drawings and shared reading. Responding to the exhibition, Peter invited the artists to do a series of drawing exercises together. Valerie, Lauren and Peter made abstract paper collages as a means of seeing the differences within and between each other’s approaches to making. The exercises reflect on Valerie and Lauren’s continued practices; placing the artists’ exhibition and respective sensibilities in dialogue with Peter’s ongoing collaborative drawing practice.

After thoroughly looking through the GENERATORprojects’ archive, Viki Mladenovski decided to focus on her perceived distance towards artworks, events, and exhibitions recorded in the archives. She contemplates about the way those documents of past events and exhibitions are being seen by somebody who has not been present at the real event or exhibition. There is an abstraction in the archive which can never be fully removed; an anonymity of the documents and a detachment from the real events and exhibitions. Do words and images within the archive, which were made for the purpose of an event, become self-contained? How does the purpose of these documents change when they become part of the archive?

In her work, Viki focuses on the construction of written and visual language around the artworks by rearranging past posters, leaflets, and written documents in newly created posters. The chaos and distance which she experienced while looking at the archive are conveyed through her collages which act as a replica of her encounter with the archive.

Alex’ sculpture, performance and film work seeks to find new relationships between mythology and nature, the body and the machine. For this exhibition, he has responded to a document that was published to accompany the 2010 exhibition DROMOS, a show that brought together artists Derek Sutherland and Bedwyr Williams and architect James Alexander-Craig. This show took the theme of ‘Dromology,’ the science and logic of speed, to ask questions of time, space and place in art, and in the context of our fast paced cultural landscape.  Alex hopes to reflect on these questions still further in relation to new ‘ready-made’ sculptural works.

The varying projects focus on the gaps in understanding found in all forms of documentation. Through presenting new works created in response to this lack of understanding, the exhibition intends to open up a discussion about the artists’ varying interpretation of an exhibition or event through the limited information provided in an artist led archive.