Adebusola Ramsay is an abstract artist, whose practice has developed as a therapeutic endeavour over the last 20 years; features evocative colour composition and textural detail, mostly with acrylic medium, exploring different forms of mark-making.

Influenced by patterns and symbols, in particular weave/pattern-making of African cloths such as Aso-Oke, Kente and Adire. She previously exhibited at Glasgow International Festival 2018 at Govanhill Baths as part of Yon Afro Collective’s group exhibition.

This will be Adebusola’s first solo exhibition.

All other external contributions to the programme will be provided by fellow Yon Afro Collective members: Christian Noelle Charles, Ashanti Harris and Alberta Whittle.

After Dune, Adebusola Ramsay, curated by Sekai Machache

10th August-25th August 2019. Preview: 9th August

The artist is present weekend of the 17th-18th of August and 24th and 25th of August

Talk facilitated by Alberta Whittle on the 17th of August