SGM Minutes

Proposed SCIO constitution


Date: – 23rd January 2014

Time: – 18:00 – 20:00

Location: – GENERATORprojects, 25/26 Mid Wynd, Dundee, DD1 4JG.

The Annual General Meeting is open to all members and stakeholders of Generator. All decisions are open to a vote system, which is taken on a show of hands: a simple majority deciding with casting vote by the Chairperson.


  1. 1.)Chairperson’s Welcome and Annual Report
  2. 2.)Treasurer’s Report / Audited Financial Statement
  3. 3.)Appointment of External Examiner
  4. 4.)Election of Committee
  5. 5.)Hot soup and beverages
  6. 6.)Generator constitution amendments
  7. 7.)Future programme over-view for 2014
  8. 8.)Space-use changes including Take-Overs and Member-led events
  9. 9.)Proposal to find new premise for GENERATORprojects
  10. 10.)All other business.

Below are links to our current constitution, our proposed constitution & our proposed constitution with annotated notes to help the process.

GENERATOR Constitution ( Page 1)  Constitution ( Page 2)

Constitional Amendments – Notes

GENERATORconstitution reviewed

The reason for these suggested changes is to limit the liability to both the committee & membership.For these changes to be carried out, it is essential that as many members as possible attend. Additional comments are also welcomed at: mail@generatorprojects.co.uk

You find out more about charitable status in Scotland here:

Guide to SCO and SCIO – Changing Charitable Status

Additional Information for GENERATOR Membership for the AGM:

AGM 2014 Agenda

Financial Statements 2012-13

Generator Programme 2014 – over-view (1) (1)

* Annual Report


* A New Home in 2014?

GENERATOR is in discussion with it’s landlord, the City Council about moving properties. Through these discussions it has come to our attention that there is  uncertainty around the future of Mid Wynd Industrial Estate. GENERATORprojects is currently leased on a monthly-rolling tenancy and this cannot be changed due to a planning application being approved to demolish Mid Wynd & possibly ‘re-home’ the current tenants into newly built industrial units in the West End locale. No date has been set for this, and there are no foreseeable plans in the immediate term for this to happen. It is understood, however, GENERATOR will have to move from Mid Wynd at some point: no more investment from the council will be made into the units and there is an explicitly stated economic advantage for the council to sell the land.

New premises are being sought from the council in the meantime with the goal of finding a long term sustainable solution for our building situation sooner rather than later. We hope the GENERATORmembers alongside the committee will be active in these discussions with the council. If you have any thoughts on what are essential aspects to GENERATORprojects, what facilities or resources are important, please let us know. If you feel we should take the council’s possible offer of being ‘re-homed’ in alternative industrial units & simply continue being at Mid Wynd in its current state rather than seek out currently available properties ( or any solution in between) please contact us via mail@generatorprojects.co.uk, to raise your thoughts before the AGM.  The property situation will be discussed at the AGM in more detail & depth.