The Light-Years is an attempt to question our presence of ‘the body’, our orientation within a dimensionless – space. Without the presence of an external up/down/left/right. How does our body perceive and interact within space? How do we locate ourselves without these external coordinates?

Astronaut, David Wolf, describes being suspended above earth, tethered to the space station whilst hurtling through space at 5 miles a second. On the dark side of the Earth there are no references to distance or motion, you appear merely stationary hovering within a black ether; a darkness that swallows up everything, your senses, light and orientation. Then you’re hurtled into daylight, the sun comes screaming up and your true orientation becomes clear; you’re several thousand miles above earth, traveling at an incomprehensible speed and a sense of vertigo takes hold.

Claire will use the spectacle and wonderment of outer-space and our presence within it as a direct ‘body’ to explore her interests in perception and our process of sense experience.

9th August
Tin Roof