GENERATOR present a sound installation and collective dreaming experience by artist Dave Fyans, alongside our GENERATORpublications Issue 3 Launch which is a special edition created by ‘ACTA’ especially for GENERATOR’s Summer Programme, ‘Utopias of Colelctive Dreaming’.

Firstly, GENERATOR present’s ‘The Somnambulist’s Field Guide’ by Dave Fyans,¬†a ritual-based sculptural sound immersion.

This event will take place within our darkened gallery space, whereby the audience are invited to sit on beanbags and with blindfolds provided to aid the transition to a personal deep listening state by virtue of being deprived of visual stimuli.

The aim is too create a collective dream space, a space for everyone to traverse ‘through a psychic landscape’.

Audience members are free to come and go as they please but be mindful of those experiencing an inner visionary experience.

Alongside this event, GENERATOR will launch a specially commissioned edition of GENERATORpublications created by ACTA

ACTA take influence from radical 1960’s press¬†groups such as Studio Grapus, Radio Alice & Atelier Populaire. They see the artistic collective as a ‘Utopian project in itself”.

Their new publication for GENERATOR will be a screen printed edition which mixes collage and text.