Featuring: Danilo Correale, Ellie Harrison, Toril Johannessen, A-1 53167 (Anibal Lopez), Anna Moreno, Fernando Sanchez and Kosta Tonev

PREVIEW: 11th APRIL 1900 – 2100

(including a performance by exhibiting artist Anna Moreno)


Thursday – Sunday 1200 – 1700 or by Appointment

A group exhibition inspired by the MONIAC analogue computer used by Keynesian economists to model the British economy until the 1970’s. The exhibition brings together practices from Scotland, mainland Europe and The Americas to model and resist forms of capitalist exchange.

James Lee of GENERATOR talks through DEFINITE MOTION


We are delighted to announce the release of Generator Publications Issue 1: Control, Mechanics and Balance. Generator Publications is a joint project between multi-disciplinary artist, Sean Scott and Generator. The publication will create an accessible platform for discursive and experimental writing in the Dundee art community and beyond. Issue 1 is launched alongside our latest exhibition, picking up on key thematics. Please do not hesitate to contact us at generatorpublication@icloud.com for further information.

GENERATORmembers’ Space

Featuring Andrew Slater & Simon Yiull

OFF-SITE EVENTS with On Site Projects

During the exhibition OFF-SITE/on site events will be held as a beginning to imagine alternative systems of value and reasoning to artistic practice.

*To attend these events please RSVP to mail@generatorprojects.co.uk


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