Centre for Modern Thought,Aberdeen and Generator, Dundee

Saturday 29th June 1-4pm

Centre for Modern Thought in collaboration with Generator Projects will hold a discussion and poetry reading in response to Lauren Currie and Valerie Norris’ upcoming exhibition ‘I take into my arms more than I can hold.’ 

The CMT was established as a forum for rethinking the key intellectual movements of modernity in the context of the most urgent questions of our time. In its activities, it traverses the fields of literature, philosophy, theory of art, political and legal thought, and science studies and uses these encounters to work directly with other sectors of cultural and political activity. The event will be a conversation between artists and theorists exploring the transformative nature of found materials playing upon the relationship between materialism and temporality.
This event is free and open to the public. No booking required.Participants:
Chris Heppell (Centre for Modern Thought, Aberdeen)
Eilidh Glendinning-Clarke (Centre for Modern thought, Aberdeen)
Lauren Currie (Artist, Glasgow)
Valerie Norris (Artist, Dundee)Key texts which may be of further interest to read before or after the event are Jane Bennett, The Enchantment of Modern Life / Vibrant Matter, Gregory Bateson, Steps to an Ecology of Mind, Timothy Morton, Ecology without Nature: rethinking environmental aesthetics, Alana Jelinek, This is Not Art, Maurice Blanchot, Literature and the Right to Death.