As part of Dundee Commons Festival the commons group presents a take over of the GENERATORproject Collective Space.

Thursday 27th of August, 1930-2130
Featuring: Pernille Spence, Lada Wilson and you …

An evening of performance and collective energy celebrating GENERATORprojects soon to be opened Collective Space and the Collective Energy of artist-led projects throughout the city.

Pernille Spence – Untitled

A shared space is a space where we breathe together. We share the surrounding air as it flows in and out of our bodies and our thoughts as we talk.

In celebration of the soon to be opened Collective Space I will gather a concentration of breath, from willing participants, and mix it with thoughts of how this space could be used in the future where it will eventually be released back into the space.

Lada Wilson – Words we have in common Words we have in common is a performative event celebrating Dundee Commons Festival – If the City were a Commons – and the future Collective Space at GENERATORprojects, Dundee.

Words contributed by art groups and artists at Dundee’s many art spaces will be reworked as sculptures to form the centerpiece of this shared event. In the course of the performance, these words will be spoken, explained and given back to the city as an exploration of endlessness and the relationship between art and society.


Karen Spy and Donald Spy’s Commons Campervan will also be on-hand providing additional shelter, refreshment and encounter throughout the evening.

We look forward to generating collective commons energy with you.