February 8th – March 1st,  12:00 – 17:00pm
@ GENERATORprojects

Generator Projects are proud to announce the return of their annual Members show, a wide array of artists that make up the gallerys varied collective, feature within an exhibition. 

The Members Show is where we display the extensive collection of artists that are part of our artist led space, and showcase them for the public to delight through visual, sometimes, audial treats! Ain’t no ship like membership. 

The Members Show is also an ideal time for new members to join the project, and also for old members to renew their membership. This annual event allows for members to converse and to display to other members the fuits of their labour since the previous year. For new members Generator Projects can offer a wide range of resources to help develop your practice and can help to gain advice, expertise or keep you in the loop on the goings on within the space.