Ickle Film Fest have been bringing together filmmakers of all flavours for a weekend of screenings since 2011. The weekend of 2013 is almost here!

See http://icklefilmfest.co.uk/ for more details and screenings based at varying locations across Dundee.

Taking place at Generator Projects…

Various Shorts

Friday 13th September 12 – 1.30pm

The first selection of shorts to be screened from the open call submission.

Charlotte Ginsborg – Artist Talk

Friday 13th September 4pm – 6pm (in collaboration with On-Site Projects)

A relaxed introduction to the work of Ginsborg aimed at emerging artists, film- and documentary-makers. The talk will introduce participants to Ginsborg’s oeuvre and situate her work in the contexts of fine art, film and documentary. Themes to be discussed include the use of narrative as storytelling, working with non-actors, negotiation of public space, the performance of everyday life, and the position of the author’s voice within documentary. Questions from the floor will be encouraged!

Illustration to Animation

Saturday 14th September 12.30 – 2pm

A selection of animation created by those who work predominantly with illustration. Looking at the way hand drawn marks are effected when translated from static illustration to animation; and the transition between the original sketches and the finalised motion work. With work being brought to our audience from as far afield as Tel Aviv, we have invited artists to introduce their work by way of title card or short talking head video. We hope this segment will inspire those who draw to play with the notion of bring their drawings to life.

We are inviting our audience to stay after the screening to try their hand at the joys of flick book animation.