Generator Projects are pleased to present The Shape; an exhibition of new work by Lachlann Rattray, Daren Banks & Ben Robinson, prompted by the compelling correlation between chance and determinism and its implementation in European horror cinema. Having considered the antinomical interrelationship between chance and determinism throughout Dario Argento’s Tenebrae; Rattray, Banks & Robinson will present a string of recently developed multimedia installations insinuating the convoluted narrative and surreal ultra-violence indigenous to the Italian splatter movie.

For this work, Lachlann Rattray will explore the use of deterministic and chaotic functions and how they can reflect and model real world systems. These pieces are drawn from the ideas of chance and random occurrences present in the narrative structures of many horror stories; the most innocuous of decisions made by a character can have a greatly exaggerated effect as the story progresses. Similarly, the algorithms used to create these pieces (The Lorenz Attractor and John Conway’s Game of Life) utilize very simple starting points, which quickly balloon to form complex structures and patterns. By generating audio and printed feedback, the output of the equations cease to exist only within the programs and begin to have their own effect on the space.

Darren Banks will present Bloody Dreams, Visions & Tourism; a multi-screen installation using found footage and analogue television sets. Each television will be given its own horror movie trope; through a process of selection, isolation, editing and looping, new objects are formed. Recurring horror motifs take on new meaning formally and thematically – horror starts to manifest itself structurally into the work as object and film become interwoven.

Ben Robinson will unveil Death Paints Red Daubings – an amalgamation of filmic and sculptural elements that form a pastiche of the traditional Italian Giallo genre. Encouraging distancing effects over naturalistic acting, the film will follow the various conventions of Giallo cinema, while the installation focuses attention on the range of tricks and shock effects involved in creating the cinematic illusion.

AFTER EVENT in association with ZAZOU

Friday 23rd March 11pm – 3am

To celebrate the final weekend of THE SHAPE, Generator Projects will host “Disemboweling THE SHAPE”; a bloodstained conversational event intended to unearth the thematic elements established throughout THE SHAPE. Featuring visceral artist commentaries and short film screenings, the event is a one-off opportunity to delve into the entrails of THE SHAPE. Friday 13th April at 7pm. BYOB.

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