We are excited to welcome Lateral North to GENERATOR as part of their Possible Scotland tour. They will be arriving in their retrofitted van, with a ‘workshop in a box’ specially made for Dundee.

Join us at 7.30pm – We will be mapping what is currently in our Mid-Wynd site and mapping alternative futures for the site and for Generator itself. Come to participate and discuss how Generator fits into the regeneration of Dundee and to the city’s design status, as a forward thinking city out with the central belt.

As ever, hot drinks will be provided and all welcome!

Lateral North is a research and design collective based in Glasgow, Scotland.
Lateral North looks to investigate Scotland’s new place and identity within an economically emerging northern region; exploring the relationship between people, culture, places, industries and economies. With a shift in approach and traditional ideology, Lateral North engages in cross-sectoral, multidisciplinary design and research. This collaboration allows discovery, investigation and testing of previously over-looked opportunities and engage people in long-term, strategic, holistic visioning