GENERATORprojects are proud to be part of Lux Scotland’s Event: Towards a Collection of Artists’ Moving Image in Scotland.

From LUX Scotland’s

Screening Programme and Roundtable Discussion
Wednesday 3 May, 5 – 8.15pm
Visual Research Centre, Dundee Contemporary Arts
Free, booking required via Eventbrite

This event in Dundee will comprise Five Propositions, a screening programme for which we have invited five individuals working in different capacities across the arts and film sectors in Scotland to present and introduce a personal proposition for the collection. The programme will bring together works selected by the following contributors: Jacqueline Donachie (artist), Stephen Partridge (artist and Associate Dean of Research, DJCAD), Hari MacMillan (artist and committee member, GENERATORProjects), Laura Simpson (Programme Manager, Hospitalfield) and Pernille Spence (artist and lecturer & researcher in Time Based Art & Digital Film, DJCAD).

A roundtable discussion will follow, exploring the lineages of moving image practice and research that have come out of Dundee, as well as considering how the LUX Scotland collection might seek to encompass or acknowledge these histories and discourses. Beyond reflecting on the impact that new media and technologies have had on cultural production, invited speakers will also discuss the implications that digitisation has had (and continues to have) on questions around archiving, distribution and accessibility.

Speakers include Gair Dunlop (artist and Course Director in Time Based Art & Digital Film, DJCAD), Donna Holford-Lovell (Director, Fleet Collective and co-curator and trustee, NeON Digital Arts), Adam Lockhart (Archivist, Visual Research Centre, DJCAD) and Gayle Meikle (artist and curator). The roundtable discussion will be chaired by Luke Collins (artist and former Deputy Director at LUX Scotland).

We are very much looking forward to participating in this event.