Friday 27 June, 5-9pm

Manifesto 2014 invites you to explore themes of globalisation, national identity and collaboration. The immersive range of performances, films, installations and music invites people to explore themes of globalisation, national identity and collaboration.

This four-hour event will showcase work from a diverse group of nine artists, including Adam Bridgland, Henri Meadows, Lada Wilson, Jacob Dwyer, Craig Barrowman, Mark Wallace, Beth Savage and a collaboration from Tara Chaloner and Claire Briegel. – Explore work by Adam Bridgland under the title ‘Every Town Can Be Full of Interest If You Train Yourself To Find It’. – Join conversations around the spacial intervention by Henri Meadows about the redevelopment of the Members space at Generator Projects. – Throw wishes into the Wishing Mountain by Craig Barrowman. – Taste the edible installation by Tara Chaloner and Claire Briegel that explores the topic of cabbage as a utopian vegetable. – Watch interruptive performances by Beth Savage inspired by quintessential love of tea and a further performance by Lada Wilson titled Alphabetarij, Performing Languages. – Discover a number of themes in the short film The Celtic Body by Jacob  Dwyer. – Dance to the closing soulful DJset by Mark Wallace.

Manifesto 2014 is taking place as part of the Dundee Launch Weekend to celebrate the opening of GENERATION exhibitions in Dundee. The weekend is packed full of dynamic art events in a number of city spaces and our Friday event will be the first to kick-start this weekend. To download the full Dundee Launch Weekend programme click here.