Space 1 & 2

Opening: 15th February, 7pm – 9pm

After Party: Drouthys, 9pm till late

Exhibition: 16th February till 10th March

Open: Thur-Sun, 12-5pm

GENERATORmembers annual show, featuring the works of over eighty artists from dundee, scotland and further afield.

GENERATORmembers featured:

Kate Clayton, Gerard O’Brian, Ellis O’ Connor, Miran Sarajlic, Gerard Chung, Alexander McDonald, Karen Spy, Sharon Mottram. Ruth Hunter, Cully McCulloch, Ana Hine, Lauren Currie, Gabrielle Jogelaite, Catherine Makin, Chloe Windsor, Yasmin Davidson, Krissana Hatta-Atcharakun, Yumi Choi, Becca Greig, Rachael Disbury, Cathy O’Brien, Lada Wilson, Susanne Lund Panagrazio, Nicole Bennett, David Fyans, Eddie Summerton, Morgan Cahn, Jane Topping, Vivienne Russell, Mary Beth Quigley, Paul Corbett, Lewis Matheson, Deirdrie Robertson, Liz Skulina, Silvie Cristofoli, Sinead Bracken, Jilly Logan, Euan McCure, Flo Gordon, Deali Bailie, David Aitken, Johanne Cameron, Steven Peebles, Daniel Robbins, Kirsty Hendry, Jonathan Spy, Simon Dwyer, Craig Wright, Maris Satsia, Tom Carlile, Theresa Lynn, Emma Alexander, Natasha Dijkhoff, Astrid Leeson, Beth Savage, Claire Breugel, Ben Robinson, Tara Chaloner, Valerie Norris, Reece Morton, Lynn Marie Szpak, Mark Wallace, Sarah Gittens, Emily Beckman, Kimberely O’ Carroll Fitzpatrick, Sam Kennedy, Jonathan Baxter, Martyn McKenzie, Ross Fraser McLean, Ryan Gordon, Jonny Lyons, Neil Mcintee, Ross Fleming, James Mitchell, Suzi Clark, Lauren Gault, James Bell, Yvonne Billimore, Katherine Murphy, Alexander Storey-Gordon,  Holly Keasey, James Lee



Space 3 : Work Towards  A Members Space

As the opening of the GENERATORmembers Show draws near, GENERATORcommittee would like to invite You to collaborate with them in the programming of a series of happenings, critiques and socials over the course of the show and beyond. As members ourselves, we are committed to working with other members towards creating the cultural scene we each wish to live in, whilst also questioning what this is and how to sustain it. As a starting point for this programming each member of the committee has proposed an event/non-event that we wish to regularly occur in Dundee. We hope these will act as tasters to what GENERATOR would like to collaborate, facilitate and support You to programme during and beyond the GENERATORmembers’ Show. Therefore, if you would like to make a suggestion for the current programme or beyond, then we would value hearing from you. (Please see the programme calendar for dates waiting to be filled). Also, the events/non-events hosted by each of the committee are listed below and it would be wonderful to see you there! Best wishes, Katherine, Yvonne, Alexander, James and Holly. Generatorcommittee

Potluck Potlatch, Friday March 8th, 6pm-10pm