Late Listening
Anna Chapman Parker

‘Stare long enough at the picture and holes start to appear. Are they like the dark spots burnt on your eye from looking at the sun? Or, are they holes in the picture itself? Darkness where truth falls through, and we don’t see it tumbling out of the light forever.’

—Akutagawa, A Bamboo Grove

My work is concerned with language, text and meaning. I make drawings, paintings, objects and lens-based work, with a focus on processes of transferring information across different media and the losses and gains that result. I’m interested in states of possibility or suspension.


At Generator, I am showing a new series of paintings together with plaster sculptures. 

Opening event: Thursday 3 May 6 – 8pm [Coincides with Yuck n’ yum Compendium Launch at 7pm]
Exhibition continues Friday 4 May, 12 – 5pm or by appointment