Theo Shields presents a take over event.

Preview: 1st September 7-9pm
Continues: 2-8th September 2015 12-5pm Monday – Sunday

Working with Fraser Waugh from Edinburgh Cast Metals and carpenter Chris Scotland, Theo Shields has combined traditional practices and native materials to produce a series of sculptures made from Scottish hardwoods and recycled metal. Two accompanying video documentaries produced by Douglas Caldow document the legacy of Waugh and Scotland’s trades and the connection these professions hold with raw materials.

Oak and Iron is a study on the impact of molten iron on the form and integrity of wood, casts have been taken from the inner cavity of a fire-hollowed log; as hot iron is poured into a slab of oak, the metal and wood reject each other,  burning and bending until fusing as one. The end product is ultimately a conversation between these two raw materials.
8_Oak Ellipse_Theo Shields_bronze, oak_50x50x60cm_2015