6 May at 19:00–21:00

GENERATORprojects proudly presents the live performance of ‘Panel Discussion 2006’.

A project by Darren McFarlane and Abigail Dryburgh as part of the current archival residency programme.

Investigating the inherent absence of information present in all forms of documentation, the proposed performance references a single document selected from the GENERATOR archive in order to accentuate the ultimate limitations of these resources as a source of information and open the performance to multiple interpretations of ‘authentic’ re-enactment.

‘By performing a reenactment the artists will make this historical information physically present, while simultaneously appropriating their own reality as a response, highlighting issues of authenticity prevalent in all historic materials, found yet constructed, factual yet fictive, private yet public.

In creating a new experience, truthful to the original documentation, a parallel can be generated which concerns itself less with absolute origin and more with obscured traces; engaging with themes of collective memory whereby new vehicles for interpretation and documentation spring from the shared experience of the performance.’

The original document is a transcribed panel discussion held between former members of the committee as they shared their thoughts and experiences of GENERATOR through its first 10 years.

Intended to be a light read-through that manages to remain authentic to the documentation provided, the performance invites the audience to engage with the subjective and selective nature of archival material.

Free event as always with refreshments provided.