‘POST’ is an exhibition created to highlight the works of emerging Swiss artists connected to the Lucerne based arts organisation ‘M35’, founded in 2013. The show will take place at GENERATORprojects, a corresponding artist run initiative, based in Dundee, Scotland.

This exhibition has been inspired by an on-going action being performed by M35 co-founder Lionne Saluz and GENERATORprojects committee member Elizabeth Ann Day, wherein each artist has been filling in pages in a hand bound sketchbook on alternating occasions. This book is then posted backwards and forwards between Scotland and Switzerland until a state of completion is achieved.

With this project in mind, ‘POST’ focuses on these international mailing systems. Each artist will post their final works, along with a short list of installation instructions, to GENERATORprojects in mid November 2019. No information will be received about the artworks before their arrival and they will be displayed in the space along with their corresponding packaging. Ultimately this process forces each artist to contextualise themselves in an extremely limited manner. There is no running commentary, we are left to grasp meaning from each small screenshot of information.


Featured artists include:

Alexandra Baumgartner

Alexandra Baumgartner is a photographer currently based in Lucerne, Switzerland. Her most recent projects are based on intensive research and explore the field of political ecology. She is interested in the entanglements of plant and human life and investigates our responsibility to- wards what we call “nature” in a time marked by ecological crisis.


Sina Oberhänsli

Sina Oberhänsli’s work reflects a cosmos showing portraits of women and animals combined with dreamy landscapes. They are in a continuous flux between agitation and calm, sensuality and nonchalance, clarity and obscurity. The woman’s gaze that confronts us creates a space, where ambiguity, anxiety, dreams and experiences intersect and resonate. These states are equally absorbed and connected in the dreamy landscapes fluttering in the darkness and light of this world.

In these paintings Sina expresses inner feelings, revealing what is going on inside beings. The invisible becomes visible; like the energy emanating from the trees, their aura or the woman’s shadow where the body tends to disappear.

The colors and their treatments remind us of Erosion. The dream is no longer paradise. Its mysteries manifest themselves in the intimacy of the small format.


Lionne Saluz

Lionne Saluz is born and based in Lucerne, Switzerland. She studied Fine Art in Rovaniemi, Finland and Zurich. In her work, her main focus lies within the realm of comics. Whatever she can get her hands on, she uses as a base to build her drawings and paintings. Saluz is currently working at a library and has just started her MS in ‘Applied Information and Data Science’ at Hochschule Luzern.


Joke Schmidt & Miriam Rutherfoord

Miriam Rutherfoord and Joke Schmidt are Zurich based artists. In their artistic practice they examine their surroundings through still and moving images. By closely observing, watching and listening, they study semiprivate and public places and their everyday happenings. Carefully selecting the framing of their images, they choose prolonged, static shots, which enable viewers to attentively observe both the presented images and places.


Opening Friday November 29th (6-9pm), continues Saturday November 30th – Sunday December 15th 2019.

Artists present for closing event on Sunday December 15th. Times TBC.