16th APRIL 1830 – 2000, JUTE CAFE BAR at DCA

All are welcome to join us to discuss the current situating of the arts within a capitalist economy; if and how this is effecting the art that is being produced and exhibited; and if there would be a benefit to acknowledging alternative methods/reasonings for art practice and curation.

The evening will be focused around the selected readings Self-Organised, Stine Hebert & Anne Szefer Karlsen (Eds.) 2013: ‘On De-Organisation’ and Art Production Beyond The Art Market, Karen van den Berg and Ursula Paser (Eds.) 2013: ‘Exodus: Aesthetic Practice beyond the Art Institution’.

Selected texts are available in GENERATORprojects or below as PdF formats

Art Production Beyond The Art Market


To attend this event, please RSVP to mail@generatorprojects.co.ukĀ