GENERATOR projects are proud to present residual; a group exhibition and series of events bringing together Alexander Allan and Sarah Smart, Erik Osberg and Josée Aubin Ouellette, Andy Edwards and George Ridgway. As each performance unfolds, residual‘s shifting nature explores the fragmented aftermath of ritualistic and communal happenings, ultimately questioning how performance is experienced beyond its live existence. Drawing upon dualistic notions, the work presented in the exhibition sculpturally suggests the actions taken by the absent performer.


Members We Are, George Ridgway: Thursday 7th July at 7pm

Ragnarok, Alexander Allan and Sarah Smart: Thursday 14th July at 7pm

Extreme Unction, Erik Osberg and Josée Aubin Ouellette: Thursday 21st July at 7pm

the ground, the [ ]: MID WYND, Andy Edwards: Saturday 23rd July 12 – 5pm


Created in response to the material and traces presented in residual, residualruin by Andy Edwards was launched on 25th August 2016. It is a site that performs; a dig, an excavation, an explosion composed of fragments, shards, memories and affects. It is a document that will persist, grow and decay. It is a half-formed, strewn, oblique mess of ruins that will withdraw from view, can never be repeated, and are uniquely experienced by each viewer. See here to experience residualruin.

Photography by Jacquetta Clark