For View, Ilana Mitchell is working with Generator to create a temporary, DIY steam room in the gallery.
Far from the usual, cold and often solitary experience of the gallery, Sauna Nation invites us to gather together in relaxing, warm, social space. How will our conversations be affected? How can wellbeing become a priority for an artist-led gallery, operating on a shoestring?  And, most importantly, can the building ever be warm enough for visitors to take (some of) their clothes off?
The steam room will be set up in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition, with a special event day inviting audiences to use the steam room on Saturday 1st November, 12:00 – 17:00.
Generator’s DIY Steam Room is part of Sauna Nation, a large scale, international project in development. Sauna Nation will be a one-stop-shop and network for DIY sauna building, and the potential collective uses of saunas, including as conflict resolution and social centres. For more on the background see