Happy New Year folks!

Our first ‘Sharing is Caring’ of 2020 is going to take a slightly different form:

Since our walls are covered with lots of your beautiful work, we’ll have a little walk around the space and you can share or ask the group to discuss anything you’d like to about what you’ve made, or perform or present something additional – as usual, anything goes!! And, since it’s pretty grim outside, we’ll have a selection of hot drinks and some warming wine (bring your own liqueurs if you fancy a fancy coffee!). We’ll also make sure we’ve got all the heaters blasting to save any cold toes.

Can’t wait to see you all!
xoxo gossip girl


Obligatory ‘Sharing is Caring’ recap:

Calling all artists, musicians, craft-makers, dancers, writers and more!
Inspired by an overwhelming lack of creative support outside of formal institutions, we have decided to provide a support network for anyone who thinks that they could benefit.
Anyone craving this creative support is welcome to share their work with a group of interested people in a friendly and informal environment. You can bring along a physical work, share a video, give a photo presentation, or perform live.

There will be very little formal structure, but whatever happens, we hope that everyone involved will walk away feeling reassured and validated, having been reminded that there are others who care about our shared creative endeavours!
Refreshments always provided because sharing truly is caring xo


Thursday February 27th, 5:30pm onwards