It can be difficult to gain an outside perspective on your work before exhibiting. Discussing and getting feedback on your work is invaluable, plus the opportunity to hear about others work can give a new perspective on your own practice, allow for skill share and collaboration.

At ‘Show and Tell’ everyone, including the facilitator, must talk about their work for roughly 5 minutes. We will then, as a group, discuss the work, the implications of it whilst giving constructive criticism.

We will be using a projector and a basic sound system for display. Artists can use powerpoint, photos, videos, sound etc to show their work.

This will take place in the GENERATORprojects member space, with hot drinks and heating provided!

Please note: that due to a scheduling clash with the Fun-A-Day opening this is a rescheduled event from the previously advertised 13th Feb.

Email: for queries.

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