Generator is delighted to present Simon Carman and Helen Sharp with concurrent shows at Generator Projects, previewing on Friday 3rd August at 7pm.

Simon has become one of the most highly regarded stone sculptors in Ireland in recent years, he has recently been awarded a major commission for The Irish National Stud. He is well recognised for his casting and carving skills, fabricating work for some of the countries most recognised artists.

Simon’s inspirations are myriad; from Greek sculpture to Electro record sleeves. His work for Generator invites the viewer on a meander through iconographic imagery and stone carving technique.

Carman’s ideas span classical art, nature, astrophysics and popular culture coalescing with the history and technique of the craft itself.

This body of work promises to be a unique and neoteric approach to the ancient art of stone carving and will provoke readings as to the nature and possibilities of ancient material and meaning.

Helen’s artworks playfully explore divination and spiritual rituals for modern anxiety – a modern Ju-Ju for modern problems. For this exhibition, she celebrates the experience of contentment and joy, through the work of Alan Vega and Martin Rev of the band Suicide. Her visual navigations extend connections between animal-husbandry, pop and club culture, psychology and geography – all the while promising reassurance in the positive wonder of the universe and our place within it.

‘What the Birds Told Me’ is a sculptural work influenced by poet Maria McManus’s reflection on the Auspices and Augurs of ancient Greek and Roman culture:

‘…wherein designated people in the civilisations (augurs) interpreted the will of the gods (the auspices) from the flight patterns of birds.’

Helen documented the clattering of Jackdaws above her local Spar for a number of months and created a set of bespoke oracle cards from the resulting photographs.

Local tarot reader, artist and writer Rebecca Sharp will perform live readings using these cards at the exhibition opening party, channeling guidance for our visitors directly from the Jackdaws.

Local artist Kirsty Whiten will be live drawing in the gallery during this event followed by Ben Seal, charming the birds from the trees as ‘Urban Farm Hand’.

Sharp and Carman are husband and wife and are based on a tiny island in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.

Join us at the opening party and let the Jackdaws be your guides.

Simon Carman

Helen Sharp

Rebecca Sharp

Kirsty Whiten

Ben Seal