Fraser MacDonald & Catrin Jeans
Kick Off on 26 August, 7pm

For the final instalment of the Summer Programme, MacDonald&Jeans will hold a twenty-four hour performance within GENERATORprojects large gallery space, designed to encourage viewers to participate as artist’s in a performance through an internationally familiar medium; a game of football. The football match will act as a catalyst to examine participation in an interactive artwork within the context of a contemporary gallery. The smaller gallery will be
transformed into a changing room, with the option of either red or blue bibs given to participants, who then substitute themselves into their chosen team. A series of films will be visible from the changing rooms, functioning in football terms as a pre-match team talk, and in art terms as an instructional
performance manifesto. The performance will be streamed live on the internet, and compiled with documentation into a publication to mimic a football match programme and sticker album. A cast Adidas Samba will be presented by the
GENERATORprojects committee to the winning team.