Aideen Doran & Josée Aubin Ouellette
1st August – 14 August

For GENERATORprojects Doran and Ouellette will present a two part residency and exhibition creating sculptural work as a live performance. In the first part of the project the artists will be in residence in the gallery using recycled wood and various other objects sourced from within GENERATORprojects, they will assemble a structure , which will simultaneously be encased within a wooden scaffold support system. Using a strict documentation of placement and inventory of all materials used, the artists will remove the supported objects from within the scaffold, reconstructing their arrangement alongside their support. In the second part, the support and the assembled objects will be exhibited alongside plans describing the specific placement of each piece of furniture and each piece of wood.

Both Doran and Ouellette are artists living and working in Glasgow undertaking the MFA programme at Glasgow School of Art. They are interested in exploring their common fascination with the support structure aesthetic and the power dynamic between physical support and that which is supported.