Curated by Michelle Hannah

18th August, 730pm

A screening of themed artist videos curated by Glasgow based artist Michelle Hannah, under the title of Pale Fire. The title is taken from the 1962 book by Vladimir Naboko addressing the fictional John Shade’s poem of the same name, the metafiction book is a nine hundred and ninety nine line poem about his life, what may lie beyond death and the supernatural. The novel consists of both the poem and an extensive foreword and commentary on it by the poet’s crazy neighbour, Charles Kinbote. Both poet and editor are wholly Nabokov’s creations. The theme resolved for Pale Fire are video works based around performance / movement in the literary, myth-making and the metaphysical and existential detachment used as a masquerade.

PALE FIRE features work from; Jon Audarson, Darren Banks, Tom Beddard, Alex Hetherington, Leanne Hopper, Mairi Lafferty & Ash Reid.