An exhibition of new works by Edinburgh based artist, Liam Allan.

Through a particular focus upon the memory of aspiration, this exhibition examines the tribute artist as a depiction of a dream. Can the ‘tribute’ truly be disassociated from the artist they portray? Allan’s on-going investigation in both the physical and contextual idea of the ‘tribute’ unravels this constructed façade alongside exploring universal themes of longing, love and melancholy.

Concerned by the complexities and shifts between performer, stage and audience, within these photographic compositions, Allan creates a subtle imbalance between the voyeur and the observed. Staging the tour initially within The Waverley (Edinburgh), the works question the nature of itinerancy, the role of the performer and the orchestrated stage, and in turn interrogates the characteristics which we identify to separate real performance from depiction or imitation.

OFFSITE EXHIBITION :  Speedwell Bar, 165-167 Perth Road, Dundee, DD2 1AS

PREVIEW : 17th AUGUST, 7pm Liam Allan

CONTINUES: SAT 18 – SUN 26th AUGUST, 11am – 6pm