Holly Antrum Ben Jeans Houghton Bobby Niven Lewis Teague Wright Raphael Zarka with a text by John A. Harrington
Screening of ‘Spiral Jetty’ by Robert Smithson followed by Q&A with George Vasey and Ben Jeans Houghton
In recent years the intersections between art history and archaeology have become the focus of critical analysis by both disciplines. Contemporary sculpture has played a key role in this dialogue, however, as this screening will demonstrate, contemporary film and video is also informed by modes of archaeology and anthropology, and artists are applying these methods to digital materiality. The film screening will bring together artists from across the UK and Europe who share a sensitivity to the translation of substance and matter through the medium and apparatus of film and video.
The curators have established a blog that brings together their ongoing research at: www.deletedcities.tumblr.com
Deleted Cities is curated by Lucy Macdonald and George Vasey
Saturday 15th of September, 7-9pm
Continues: Sunday 16th September, 12-5pm