Florrie James, Emilia Muller-Ginorio & Liam Casey
7th July – 10th July


I is the knowing subject, a machine constructed for the production of ideas. I is the social construct necessary to know the contemporary world and to produce it.
Using the operative I, the Idea, Florrie James, Emillia Muller-Ginorio & Liam Casey conduct three open-ended actions. Using GENERATORprojects gallery as a working space they conduct individual and collective investigations, focusing on labour and on the (im)materiality of knowledge and production. These all have the instrumental intention of figuring out ‘how it is possible to learn’ and ‘what is the Knowledge
Economy’. Florrie will be working on her research project ‘Transcendental
Indexation’ where she will try to connect and cross-reference ideas using software that visualises generic information, designed by Nicholas James. Emilia’s ‘Contexts for Sewing’ confronts globalization’s attempt to annihilate the effect of physical space and distance in the tensions between intimate practice and mass-production within and without the opening hours of the gallery….Liam Casey is presented as an investigation in to the artist as knowing subject and the relations between
producers of the working space. As part of the project, a lecture will take place at the midpoint of the Four-day Network of Expanded Meaning. The results of our
individual and collective investigations will be examined in a freeze frame outside of the labours that precede and follow it. Only by all being together in the centre of the network of expanded meaning can we attain a view of the whole.