12 MAY – 10 JUN 07


Generator Projects presents They Had Four Years, the gallery’s annual exhibition of new work from a selection of recent graduates. The four selected artists; Douglas Flockhart, Rachael Flynn, Catherine-Anne Lee and Ewan Manson all graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in 2006. They were chosen for their high standard of innovation and professionalism in a diverse range of subject matters and styles.

Douglas Flockhart

People, stories and anecdotes are central to Flockhart’s practice. He is interested in objects that have been disregarded or have become useless and the tales connected to them. Of specific concern in the work is the exploration of how and why these objects become abandoned and most importantly the portraits of the people once connected to them.

After graduating, Flockhart worked at Stills in Edinburgh where he was involved in education and audience development programmes. Now based in Glasgow, he has recently joined the Market Gallery committee and is taking a Further Skills Development course at Central St Martins in London.

Rachael Flynn

What is it that we sense or become aware of when experiencing heightened sexual, religious or romantic states? Do these yearnings of sex, religion and love share the same basic drive, and as they settle inside do they become the one thing? In what way does the time-frame of night heighten the intensity of these feelings – with darkness or stillness do we feel closer to what we are experiencing? In what way does faith become involved in the understanding of these feelings?  Through the connection of these ideas and images Flynn attempts to form both a communication and a balance; the bare and empty spaces surrounding each individual piece will serve to echo a bleakness in our inability to become connected to one thing with any sureness.

Flynn was awarded the Scottish Sculpture Workshop Undergraduate Residency Award in 2006. She has subsequently furthered her film practice through several work placements in London, including one in the Feature Film & Documentary Department at the BBC. In September she is moving to London in order to undertake a Masters at Goldsmiths.

Catherine-Anne Lee

Lee’s practice is directed by her strong belief that as our dependence and general interaction with technology and the built environment increases, we become detached from the essence of nature. Inspired by natural pattern and formation, her work aims to explore the nature of our relationship with our environment. She is specifically interested in the way any new element entering an environment will contribute to its alteration in some way, and equally how the environment will catalyse some change to that new element. This concept not only refers to physical state changes in our environment but to emotional and social changes in people too.

Lee works with Timeline, a small film-making company based in Dundee and works for Dundee Contemporary Arts. So far this year she has exhibited installation works at the Futuresonic Festival in Mancheste and in the Perth Concert Hall. She recently received a Dundee Visual Arts Awards.

Ewan Manson

Manson’s work explores the hypothetical advances of genetically modifying and transplanting organs as a method of fertilising new life. Circumnavigating the boundaries of anatomy, horticulture and medical science, this intervention takes the form of a research laboratory striving to develop new techniques in merging cell structures. It investigates the genetic make up of plants and attempts to construct a stable environment in which to formulate solutions for the void in human organ donation.

Since graduating Manson has exhibited his work throughout the country, notably at Braveart 2006 in London. He received a Dundee Visual Arts Award in March 2007 and is currently working on various projects including the 6 Cities Design Festival. He lives and works in Dundee.